Thursday, 20 March 2008

I had hoped that my first Blog entry would be on a happier note , but the events of the last couple of days dictate that I start off SatcomBlog with a tribute to a man who influenced the world of satellite like no other. Sir Arthur Clarke.

What better way than to see him in action , during the mid 1990s ..... a satellite link up with NASA's JPL as he talks to , amongst others , Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.



Michael said...

Thank you!

Daniel Fischer said...


I've linked to many obituaries and other ACC material in my own blog entries of today and yesterday (§ 2).

Tracking down all those websites felt like the right thing to do - especially since Arthur's passing away has been all but ignored here in Germany ...


artglick said...

Great Clip. Too short, sadly. And cutoff prematurely. Still, truly enjoyable, as is all of your excellent imaging.